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✔ I’m a 58 year old technology challenged Dad

✔ I used to work 12 hour shifts just to pay the bills.

✔ I don’t have a degree

✔ I’m an ordinary person like you

In 2017 I started my search to make money online because I simply couldn’t do the physical hard labour as a landscaping gardener anymore to provide for my family.


I attended webinars, took some courses and spent a few thousand bucks and about one year of my time trying to figure it all out and I failed miserably. So I started up the next best thing, a website business.

But, with the advent of the first covid lockdown, I lost every one of the contracts I had just closed or was about to close. So I found a job to stay afloat, and just 12 months later after the next lockdown, the company shut down and I lost my job – AGAIN!

I was seriously unhappy about this situation, and became determined to find a way to start a profitable online business and take my life back!

After further months of search and various trials and errors to get started I finally found out High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing and the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge by my new business Mentor, Dave Sharpe…

AND NOW… Because of the skills that I learned in the 15 Day Challenge I now have a profitable online business.

The best part about the 15 Day Challenge is that the training ONLY COSTS $7but the value of what it teaches you is worth SO much more.

If you want to get started with the 15 Day Challenge like I did, just click the button below.

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